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Linda Ronstadt also known by the nickname of The Rock Queen or the First Lady of the rock and roll (Linda Susan Marie Ronstadt), born on July 15, 1946 in Tucson, Arizona, is an American singer, closely associated with gender, country music and rock prevalent in the 1970s; but he is best known for songs from other authors.

Although began her singing career recording folk music with his band The Stone ponies mid and until the end of the Decade of 1960, has been accredited as a solo artist singing various genres, from the more traditional country music to the rhythm & blues, including other new wave, Opera, and mariachi. His biography of the Rolling Stone website says:

Not succeeds in each style that tests, but this has not prevented him explore new avenues. Take a look at his recordings trio with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris they are essential for fans of all kinds of music listening.

Influences and versions

Its success is linked to his own talent and influence obtained from artists like: Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, J.D. Souther, The Eagles, Andrew Gold, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Paul Simon, Mark Goldenberg, Karla Bonoff, Aaron Neville, James Taylor, Warren Zevon, Maria Muldaur, Nicolette Larson and Elvis Costello. His reputation in the early 1970s obtained working with some of the most respected musicians of contemporary rock and have their own strong sense of discipline.

Some of his best-known hits are versions of songs: Zevon, Costello, Souther, the Rolling Stones, Mel Tillis, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the Everly Brothers, George Jones, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Little Feat, Neil Young, the Miracles, Betty Everett and Buddy Holly and the crickets.


His work with producer Peter Asher from 1974 until the 1980s resulted in a commercial success. At the end of the 1970s had already received eight Awards Gold and 4 Platinum. Frequently mentioned as “the highest-paid female rock” capable of conducting concerts outdoors in hems that hosted thousands of fans, despite using simple scenarios.

In 1977, he appeared on the cover of the magazine time under the banner “Torchy rock”. It has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine 6 times. Its success was powered in the late 1970s by his relationship with the then Governor of California, Jerry Brown. His romance became the subject of many magazine articles and on the cover of a weekly magazine in 1979. In the 1980s had a long relationship with director George Lucas. In spite of its association with several male celebrities through the years, never married, but adopted two children.

At the end of 2005 had already won 3 number 1 albums on the Billboard 200, a single number 1 in the Billboard hot 100 10 albums and 10 best singles. Albums recorded in study of top-selling are: its circulation of 1977 Simple Dreams, set What’s new and its circulation 1989 of “Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind” each awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America for having sold 3 million units. His album higher sales of all time is the compilation “Greatest hits” of 1976 awarded seven times Platinum in 2001. It has also been awarded by the RIIA by 30 million copies of singles and albums sold, and has won ten Grammy awards in styles such as: pop, country, Latin, tropical, and Mexican-American music. Resides in an urbanization Northwest Tucson, Arizona, known as SweetWater.

Primary race

Linda Ronstadt was born in Tucson, Arizona for a father of descent, and a mother German Dutch descendant of British Jews. His great-grandfather Frederick Augustus Ronstadt was a German immigrant Hanover married to a Mexican-American Lady, which had several children. His grandfather called Federico Jose Maria Ronstadt.

When I was a student at Arizona State University in Tempe, met guitarist Bob Kimmel. The duo relocated to Los Angeles where singer-songwriter and guitarist Kenny Edwards joined the couple. The name of The Stone ponies, the group became a box-office attraction in California, recording his first album in 1967 folk circuit. First came the charts in 1967 with a single as the main voice of the Stone ponies with the song “Different Drum” written by the Member of The Monkees, Michael Nesmith. His first hit single solo wine in 1970 with his single “Long, Long time”. Won her biggest commercial success during the 1970s with a string of Platinum, to the sound of the parent rock, country to include more conventional rock occasionally versioning classical primary of the 1950s and early 1960s desramificarse albums.

Success and fame

Take-off was 1974, when he recorded a series of hits starting with the single “You’re no good” followed by When Will I Be Loved, Heat Wave, That’ll be the Day, and It’s So Easy. Reached # 1 on the charts of Billboard magazine in 1974, with his album Heart Like a Wheel, followed with the number 1 Simple Dreams album in 1977 and living in the U.S.A. in 1978. In 1980 an album updates new wave of artists such as Elvis Costello and The Cretones, an album which came in the Billboard album charts in its first week top 5 and continued his streak of hits with Hurt So Bad, How Do I Make You, and I can’t ‘ t Let Go “.”

During this period she was perhaps the main Sex symbol in rock music, reaching its peak of attention in 1976, when the Rolling Stone magazine published a collection of photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz. Subsequently Ronstadt commented that he felt embittered by this level of care.

In addition to the hits pop rock, were quite critical attention its popular version of the success of Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou and duets with Aaron Neville. His long career of singer had been filled with an eclectic mix of recordings, including Big Band, Mexican rancheras, a Latin music album, an album of music old time country and classic rock album. The recording of 3 albums of pop with Nelson Riddle standards helped start a renaissance that way among the younger public principles and mid-1980s.

From appearing in the movida Broadway in 1983, the film “The Pirates of Penzance”, a film based on a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta co-starred with Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury. In 1987 she, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris recorded their awaited album “Trio”, which had been conceived for 10 years, according to critics. The album won a Grammy and spawned four singles top-ten of the country, which continued with a second album “2 Trio” in 1999.

Again showing his versatility in 1996 he recorded Dedicated to the One I Love, an album of music for children. In a career of four decades, has recorded more than forty albums, the last to return to its roots with pop-rock ballads.

Vocal record

Can be seen that his note is a coloratura soprano highest in full voice is a Sol # 5 shown live in the song “Tumbling Dice”, its lowest note could be a # 3 Sun or an f # 3, and its highest note head voice is a c# 6 in the song “I Knew You When”.


July 18, 2004 at a performance in “Aladdin Casino”, Las Vegas, praised Michael Moore and his documentary film “Fahrenheit 9/11”. Some audience members departed, pulled out posters, launched drinks and asked Linda was removed from the stage. Initial reports indicated that the Manager of Aladdin, Bill Timmins, escorted it out facilities, without giving them nor the opportunity to collect their belongings, and said that while he addressed the casino, she would not be welcome. At the same time, reportedly, angry shouts and taunting, were superimposed by congratulations and people applauding. Anyway, she says that the media reports were ambiguous, because did you not see anyone throwing drinks, that it not escorted out enclosure and it was not until later, realized that the direction of the Aladdin was angry.

I didn’t know that had become crazy with me until we went and didn’t know why they had become crazy until an hour later, when apparently called one that travelling with us and told him, is speaking of Michael Moore and this is a place of entertainment without policy.

It was published in The Las Vegas Review-Journal, wasn’t satisfied with his performance and expected to have them angry enough to not return. Aladdin is under procedures of bankruptcy; Anyway Robert Earl of Planet Hollywood, the company will be responsible for controlling interests of Aladdin when emerges protection by bankruptcy, said he would like to see Moore and Ronstadt onstage the Aladdin, singing America the Beautiful.

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