Country Singer — One Piece at at time

One Piece at at time is an album by singer country Johnny Cash released in 1976 on Columbia records. The CD gives rise to songs as “One Piece at to time” was a great success since it peaked at # 1 on the rankings and recounts the life of a worker in Detroit who works in a car which stole parts production line to make one for the. The “Sold Out of Flag Poles” song was also released as a single advertising reaching post # 29 and the song “Committed to Parkview” an original song of Cash was re-recorded in 1985 together with Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson to Cash known collectively as a group The Highwaymen on their first album called Highwayman (this is one of few songs sung from the point of view of a patient with mental health problems).

The song “Go On Blues” was re-recorded in bass producer Rick Rubin in Americans sessions (sessions where Cash recorded songs a little dying) of his death in 2003.

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