Country Singer — Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega, singer-songwriter, born on 11 July 1959 in Santa Monica, California.


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At the age of two, he moved with his family to New York. Raised in the Hispanic neighborhood of Harlem; at age nine he wrote his first poem and fourteen began composing songs. He studied contemporary dance and frequented the Greenwich Village clubs while attending classes of literature at Barnard College art school. In 1984, from their performances, was the possibility of recording an album with the label A & M.

Suzanne Vega was married to producer Mitchell Froom, which influenced his music of the 1990s bringing it towards a more experimental ground. The marriage had a daughter, Ruby, born in 1994 and disbanded in 2000. The artist returned to marry Paul Mills, who knows from his youth in 2006.


The trajectory of Suzanne Vega is characterized by concern and prolific little of its production. 22 years after his debut has just released seven Studio albums, more two compilations. Their first album was self-titled debut and released in 1985 with good reception from critics. Sales were not high and extracted two singles main Marlene on the wall and Left of center. The album leaving noted its most distinctive features as an artist: letters, which were based on the observation of the world and sometimes tried about unusual subjects, his voice and his near-style folk sound depth. Two years later, Suzanne Vega published Solitude standing, which marked his international thanks to its approach to a more pop sound and two most recognizable career topics takeoff Tom’s diner, in a first version Sung capella and remastered later by the British duo DNA and Luka, a song about child abuse wrote inspired by the figure of a child from his old neighborhood, and peaked at # 3 United States lists.

Days of open hand, distancing themselves from any commercial style and prioritizing new compositions letters published in 1990. This album was followed by 99.9 ° F (1992) and Nine objects of desire (1996), in which experienced respectively, with electronics and a sweet and minimalist tone without ever losing their distinguishing features. The latter included the caramel, topic that appears in the soundtracks of the films the truth about cats and dogs and Closer. After five years which focused on his family life, and following her divorce, returned to the Studio to record Songs in red and gray, return to the original sound of music and is one of his more intimist works to date. Three of his themes revolving around then recent breakage.

Launched in 2003 Retrospective: The best of Suzanne Vega, a compilation of 21 songs throughout his career including the most successful, whereupon A & M ended their contract. In the following years Vega was devoted to offer concerts and became involved as a speaker in a series of radio programmes (American Mavericks) of the best American composers of the 20th century, for which he received, as part of the team, the prestigious Peabody Award. July 2007 publishes his most recent album, Beauty & Crime, which dissects the life of his city, New York, after having signed with Blue Note Records.

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