Country Singer — The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys is a band formed in 1961, American representative style Californian life 1960s and one of the greatest representatives of music and culture of surfing time. Formed by three brothers Wilson: Brian (composer, vocals, bass, piano), Carl (vocal and guitar) and Dennis (drums, vocal and sometimes piano), along with a cousin Mike Love (vocal, keyboards and saxophone) family, a companion study of Brian, Al Jardine (vocal and guitar), and Bruce Johnston (vocal and piano).

According to critics, The Beach Boys was one of the best produced during the 1960s, reaching his best time in 1966 to launch one of the albums more acclaimed by critics, Pet Sounds and the single number one “Good Vibrations”. Paul McCartney said that Pet Sounds is the best ever recorded vocal album and the album inspired them him and John Lennon to compose Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is considered by Rolling Stone magazine as the best album followed by 20th century the number two Pet Sounds. Paul McCartney has said publicly that his favorite song is “God Only Knows”.

The Group initially consisted of “the great composer and singer,” Brian brothers, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and his friend Al Jardine. This main Quintet with David Marks and later Bruce Johnston was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class in 1988. Often called The Beach Boys “United States band”.Allmusic .com has stated that: “the infallible capacity band” “became the first and the best set of United States rock”. The Group has had thirty-six entries in the Top 40 (larger than any American rock set amount) and fifty-six entries in the Top 100, including four singles number one.

According to Billboard Magazine, The Beach Boys is the band that sold more singles and albums in the United States, found in the post n. 1.

Album Pet Sounds is ranked n. 2 in the list of Rolling Stone magazine in its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, The Beach Boys Today! entered at # n. º 270, Sunflower in the 380 ° n. Also included with three songs in the top 100 of the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time with “Good Vibrations” in the post n. º 6, “God only Knows” ranked n. º 25, “California Girls” in the post n. º 71, and four other songs in the rest of the list.


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o 1.10 The simple Good Vibrations

o 1.11 Heroes and Villans

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The origins of the group back in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Hawthorne State of California in Los Angeles, South near the Pacific Ocean. Brian, Dennis and Carl were sons of Murry Wilson, a composer frustrated, and sometimes an abusive father. The three brothers grew very few kilometres from the sea. Only Dennis surfeaba, but everyone already tuned their voices being very young. Very often linked to them his cousin Mike Love, and group was completed to reach high school friend and teammate American football Al Jardine.

Inspired by Brian, began when he heard KFOX, radio program with Johnny Otis, a favorite station of Carl, inspired by the simple structure and the voice of rhythm and blues, songs changed his style on piano and soon began to write songs with this new influence. His enthusiasm interfered with his music studies in school, failing to complete a piano sonata during its twelfth grade, had however made a composition original, called “Surfin'”.

As a gift from her sixteenth birthday, Brian received an open reel tape recorder. With this artifact he learned to envelope – record voices, using his voice, that of Carl and his mother. Later Brian did a recording and playing the piano, and Carl later added something of electric guitar, thanks to the guitar that Carl had received for Christmas.

Later, family meetings, the Wilson brothers have contact with his cousin Mike Love, Brian taught her sister Mike and friends harmonies. Mike and Brian will to Hawthorne Institute to study, there is where they meet Alan Jardine, who had already played guitar in a folk group called The Islanders. Brian and Alan you wonder about the school football players if they wanted to learn music and harmonies, however this search did not result.

Brian suggested to Jardine that combine playing between the three next to Carl, these very primary sessions were conducted in the bedroom of Brian, where begins to form the “sound of The Beach Boys”. Finally was Mike Love who encouraged Brian to write songs, and he who gave the first band, The Pendletones name, this name came from the shirts of wool Pendleton, very popular at that time. In its recitals very early (around 1960), the band used these resemble a jacket wool shirts. In 1962 the band starts using classic shirts ralladas stripes celestial and white, always used during his recitals until 1966.

The influence of Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson commented that when he was eight years old: “was already being formed and influenced by the music…” Nothing I hit more in music than when I heard my father played the piano in the family… “I saw how the fingers made chords and memorize positions.”

Murry Wilson had had little success as a composer, arriving just with “Two Step Side Step” when they recorded an album high school in 1952. In spite of his musical ability and let me educate Brian, in particular, Murry “was a tyrant”, always gave disappointing criticism to Brian, and “abused psychologically and physically for their children”. While Brian wanted to learn to play piano as a child, he was too scared to ask and even too frightened to press the keys. But eventually Brian surprised his father and he showed only learned to play piano, and commented that: “playing the piano… literally saved me the ass”.

Primary recordings

The Group initially began with some recordings, which had been provided thanks to Murry Wilson, who knew the owner of the label Candix Records, Hite Morgan. When the band was recording for testing, Morgan was newly constructing its study and its label Candix. The boys were with a tape of the poem “The Wreck Of The Hesperus” including music composed by members of the band.

Influenced music from the 1950 (especially with The Four Fresmen and The Hi – Los), the Group recorded under the name Carl and The Passions of the songs “Samoa”, “Lone Survovor”, “Barbie” and “What is a Young Girl”. But the label advise them attempting to record any song original and different, to be more successful. So Dennis Wilson, lover of surfing, advise you group, write a song about surfing, something fashionable on the beaches of California. All this was through a small lie that Dennis said Morgan, after show songs, Dennis says that Brain and Mike were writing a song. Then the two cousins had to write and record a song about surfing.

Wilson, with the help of Murry Wilson, the father of three brothers, rented musical instruments (with Brian on bass, Carl) on guitar, and Dennis on drums and also rented the time in the Studio to record “Surfin'” new number written by Brian and Mike; This single was released in 1961 by the Candix Records label, and under the name of “The Pendletones” (mark shirt that was fashionable at the time). But before, the boys had tested between 2 and 3 September 1961, bought with money that the parents of the three brothers had left them instruments for food (300 dollars), and rehearsed their song “Surfin'”, “Luau” and “Lavender”, this is the garage of the House of the Wilson, during the absence of Murry and Audree Wilson.

On October 3, 1961, The Pendletones recorded twelve outlets of “Surfin'” in small offices of Morgan (Dennis was not considered to play drums). So a small amount of singles were recorded. When the boys with impatience desempaquetaron first box of singles, saw on Candix Records label (with much surprise and enejo), which the band had been renamed to the “The Beach Boys”. Murry Wilson, complicated by the budget of the band called Morgan to see that had happened. Apparently a young worker, Russ Regan, had decided to change the name of the band, so that the group relates to other bands such. Limited budget who possessed the band, he prevented the simple tags can be reimprimidas. The b-side of the single was “Luau”, and was catalogued as 331. Later reeditará twice, first in Candix 301. When finished their short contract with Candix, Murry, already manajer group, decided to get tapes with the songs recorded by the group to make listen them at Capitol Records, and there a producer company called Nick Vanet, decided to hire the group, but with the new name of The Beach Boys.

And the Group was born on 8 December 1961, with the regional success “Surfin'”, the members were the three brothers Wilson, Brian, Dennis and Carl, their cousin Mike Love and Alan Jardine first-degree, a fellow student of high school, Brian and together developed difficult harmonies.

Dennis Wilson commented that the first time that were heard on the radio were at the Ford ‘ 57 of Brian at Hawthorne when the announcer announced: “follows a group of southern California, performing their song” Surfin'”;” “was the ultimate”, said Dennis, and added that never again would be the same expression on the face of Brian as well. New year 1961, were hired to perform 3 songs in the “Long Beach Municipal Auditorium”; Mike said: “had paid US $300 not for work but… by playing music!”

Murry agarrara steering control band, but without the consultation of Brian. He was the first to emphasize the importance of having a success. Then they recorded more four original songs, on 13 June in Western Studios, Los Angeles, including “Surfer Girl”, “409” and “Surfin’ Safari”. Murry Wilson suggested unsuccessfully and then require them to The Beach Boys recorded some of his own songs, he said that: “my songs are better than yours”.

Replacement of Al Jardine

8 February 1962 the band recorded the songs “Surfin’ Safari”, “Surfer Girl” and “Beach Boys Stomp” (also called “Karate”) in World Pacific. A few days after this session, Alan left the band to continue his studies at a Midwest University Dental and gather his band, The Islanders for the second time. His replacement was later David Lee Marks, neighbor whose first concert is in Bel Air Bay Club. It is also the one that appears on the cover of the first records Surfin’ Safari and Surfer Girl.

Second single and first album

8 March 1962 Audree, Wilson also with Val Poliuto, mother, Alan, Brian, Carl add voices to prerecorded tapes “Barbie” and “What Is A Young Girl Made Of?”. Murry creates editorial company Sea Of Tunes to protect Brian compositions.

The April 19 in a demonstration in the United Western, The Beach Boys study session recorded four songs, videotape that will make possible a future contract with Capitol Records. The session produces engineer Charles Dean ‘Chuck’ Britz. Published “what Barbie/What Is A Young Girl Made Of?” in Randy 422, under the name of Kenny & The Cadets. Already with these amateur recordings, on May 16, Murry makes you listen demo tape to Nick Venet, Capitol talent. On the advice of his superiors, Venet buy master tapes of “Surfin’ was,”Lonely Sea”and”409″amounting to $ 300 for each one of those songs. Finally The Beach Boys signed with Capitol day 16 July. So finally, in 1962, The Beach Boys debuted with Capitol, with his first single in this record, “Surfin’ Safari”, this music was something more elaborate than the song “Surfin'”, entered at number fourteen and helped to publicize the new rhythm surf rock, which was beginning to flourish in southern California, thanks to artists such as Jan & Dean, Dick Dale and The Chantalls.

Already when the Group began to produce songs, 16 April 1962 released the debut album of the group, Surfin’ Safari entered at # n. º 32 albums, selling would long album with ranked lowest, the album also included a cover of “Summertime Blues”, Eddie Cochran song.

Arrival to success

Later on 4 March 1963, was released the single “Surfin’ USA”, was the first to enter the Top 5 prior to Alan Jardine University to return and resume his place in the group. By that time, The Beach Boys already had recorded their first two albums, the new called Surfin’ USA and reached second place in selling album in the United States was the first album to achieve Gold, each with 12 songs of which several became hits and classic songs of the group. However the politics of Capitol was Group to work with a producer of study, Brian soon took charge of the sessions and began to expand beyond group surf rock style. March 20, Brian helps compose and gives voice to the song “Surf City”, Jan & Dean. In August 1963, the duo Jan & Dean Gets a simple 1 with the song “Surf City”, a song that had been in part b. composed and provided voices Brian.

Late in 1963, The Beach Boys had recorded a new album, Surfer Girl (another gold disk), peaked at # 7 in the United States and entered since three in United Kingdom (for the first time an album is more successful in United Kingdom), had many singles who entered the Top 10, and the Group had begun to do tours incessantly. On the other hand, Brian Wilson began to grow as a composer and producer, who was perceived in the third album Surfer Girl, where Brian Wilson as the producer of the album name appears for the first time.

Although predominate surf songs on the album, two songs were distinguished from the rest “catch a Wave” and “In My Room”, showing the growth of Brian as a composer and producer, and in the musical harmonies, a surprising fact taking into consideration the Group took just two years. Intense attention to the sounds of Phil Spector, Brian, paid their dividends, and showed his deep knowledge of the musical depths.

On October 21, 1963, the group released their fourth album, again in 1963, Little Deuce Coupe band became quickly by recording sessions, to make Little Deuce Coupe in the shelves store, even though it was recorded very quickly, the quality of the disc is equal to its predecessors, had notably been published one month after Surfer Girl. Eight songs were new, while “Little Deuce Coupe”, “Our Car Club”, “Shut Down” and “409” were songs that had already come in their last three albums.

The first number one

The Beach Boys singing “Surfin’ USA”.

In 1964, “I Get Around”, was the first single to reach # 1 on the career of The Beach Boys, leading to the peak of the popularity in the sessions of this song, Brian done study his father.

The Beach Boys Concert, live album spent four weeks on albums. The Group also made promotional tours in Europe (where would Britain later, a country that aclamarían them rather than in their own country, but the pressures and rush, were too significant to Brian Wilson: at the end of that same year, decided to forgo the tours, to concentrate on the production Studio.) Glen Campbell briefly joined the group, and then was Bruce Johnston who took the place of Brian permanently. Brian began to work full time in the Studio, writing songs and surrounding the “cream” of Los Angeles, musicians who recorded cross-country pistes with Carl, Dennis, Mike and Al, who at that time had already returned to do vocals with the group, replacing David Marks.

At the end of 1964, the Group launches the Christmas album, The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, him which reached # 6 in United States during an extension of several Christmas stations between 1964 and 1968.

The transformation of pop surfing

The largest transformation group made popular music is given by 1965 albums as Today! and Beach Boys Party.

The advance in Today

Well Brian, increasingly achieved more complicated and more acclaimed compositions so The Beach Boys Today! becomes an essay to what would later Pet Sounds; but before, two new albums followed to Today! in 1965.

While most of Today!, was being recorded in January 1965, Brian reported that you for the rest of the band that he wanted to stay in the study and create their music, while the other members of the band played in public. The band reluctantly agreed, and after a brief Alliance with Glen Campbell Wilson Bruce Johnston, a musician (and former teammate, with Terry Melcher in the Ripchords), workplace and admirer principal group, became The Beach boys. Many consider that Today! marked the beginning of the artistic maturity of Brian Wilson.

The decline in Summer Days

In 1965 the Group launches Summer Days (and Summer Nights!), in which the single “Help me Rhonda”, became the second to enter as number one on the charts in 1965, Summer Days has the song “California Girls”, recognized as one of the best mergers in the production of Brian, a contagious melody and great harmonies, (California Girls has the preferred intro of Brian with the Group). However in these songs, follow less notable songs like “Amusement Park USA”, “Salt Lake City”, and “I’m Bugged at my Old Man”, said by many, seemed a step backwards to what has been achieved in Today!.

Innovation Beach boys ‘ Party!

When Capitol Records, asked an album to be released late that year, Beach Boys’ Party! proved a success, earning high sales and becoming the single “Barbara Ann”, a fairly successful single (but did not number one). This album is a series of songs recorded in the atmosphere of a holiday home of Brian. Marked a pretty original idea ever made, and for many people a fun listen to disk.

Radical change in Pet Sounds

Article principal: Pet Sounds

The music of The Beach Boys, at the beginning of his career, he was very melodic and was notable for their vocal harmonies (the group label). However, having heard Rubber Soul, Brian wanted to compose and be equal to that album, and even arguing: “I have to do something with this drive”.

So Brian wanted to dump their personal experiences on a disk. It was as well as, together with the musician and publicist Tony Asher, began composing songs for an album, which would break with all what he had done before the Group and would run counter to the commercial style group. Even considered the possibility of editing album as a solo work. For the composition of the new album, Brian decided to hire session musicians, and the Group enfocase on vocals, work (actually almost all the songs are sung by him). The composition of the album started on 12 July 1965 until 13 April 1966.

Once written all the songs, Brian Wilson was working on the recordings and musical arrangements early in January 1966. When the rest of the band members arrived on a tour through Asia, already had prepared 6 songs for the album and all the material to begin recording. While the Group did not trust the album to be successful, Brian Wilson managed to convince them to record it, although I personally Love Mike opposed the new idea of Brian, and continued to believe that the album would fail. For almost all instrumental compositions hired excellent instrumentalists as the musicians group known as The Wrecking Crew. Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston worked mostly as vocalists, instructed by Wilson.

The new album was called Pet Sounds (sound of animals). Did not obtain the success that the Group was used (was his first major commercial failure), but it is an artistic work which, according to Paul McCartney own: “It’s the best ever recorded vocal album”. Served as the inspiration for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967, masterpiece of The Beatles.

A detail that stands out from this album is in one of the songs “God Only Knows” is the first mentions of the word God in a song.

The album fell to # 10 (for the first time since Shut Down Volume 2 # 13), but reached number two, surprisingly in the United Kingdom was slowed down by revolver, The Beatles. Singles from Pet Sounds, nor were the exception. Except “Sloop John B” reached # 3 in United States and number two in United Kingdom then “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” with “God Only Knows” reached # 8, “God Only Knows” had been published in the UK as a side, and reached the second place, then “Here Today” and “Let’s Go Away for Awhile” were B-sides, other singles.


Critically acclaimed Pet Sounds according to MOJO, with such songs as “God only Knows”, “ain’t wouldn’t It Be Nice”, who have impeccable Carl Wilson vowels and “You Still Believe in me”, but the new direction taken by The Beach Boys not too impressed us fans and despite having entered in Top 10 “Pet Sounds” not incredibly won gold in United States, (the first to not get it from the second album). In contrast, the world reaction was more than positive. In England, the album made worthy to The Beach Boys honors as best group in surveys carried out at end of year by the New Musical Express, the band won The Beatles in the category of best group member of the world, with 5.373 5.272 votes.

The Beatles were told had a great influence to build them known concept album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The producer of The Beatles, George Martin, said that “without Pet Sounds had not existed the Sgt. Pepper’s, stating also that the Sgt. Pepper’s alone was an attempt to reach the level of Pet Sounds.” The Member of The Beatles Paul McCartney has placed it as one of his favorite albums.

In the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time of Rolling Stone magazine in 2005, do I position to Pet Sounds in number two, down from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The SMiLE project

After the commercial failure of Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson, (somewhat distanced the Group), decided recording new material for what would be an album that would exceed the Pet Sounds. The album is full of experimental and very strange songs.

During 1966 and 1967, Brian worked tirelessly in which would be the next album of the group, a project entitled “Dumb Angel”, who later decided to re – appoint SMiLE: after the artistic success of Pet Sounds Brian wanted to overcome himself and achieve something brilliant, so he hired lyricist Van Dike Parks as a partner in the composition; recorded hours of fragmented pieces of songs which became more and more speculative when one extending the months they.

However, the label he told Brian that the album would be very little business, and that was too experimental. This added to the little support given to him by the Group on this album, Brian decided to abandon this project, and instead to release an album that reciclara new recorded material. This new album called, Smiley Smile. Finally released in September, after months promotion, its critical reception was in-entusiástica, reaching its maximum position in only at the n. º 41 United States. Its commercial reception for a few months later in the United Kingdom was even better; reached number n. º 9 in Great Britain. Smiley Smile is lower in sale of The Beach Boys album, and at the same time the most controversial album.

SMiLE, album was still editable, but any hopes he went, in May when Brian officially canceled the project, only a few weeks before the launch of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles.

The simple Good Vibrations

The following simple group “Good Vibrations” was originally written for Pet Sounds, but Brian removed it from the list because I wanted to have more time for the production of Pet Sounds, by which said he would disengage in the album, only resumed it once finished album. 6 Months (and 12 different studies) dedicated to “Good Vibrations”. Brian referred to this song as “a Pocket Symphony” and was released in October 1966, closing the year as the third single to reach the number 1 and be considered so far one of the best singles of all time. The Group began to worry every day stronger Brian drug dependence and began hostilities between them to be called upon to make the vowels to letters he had written, and that they considered to be incoherent and absurd. Soon formed a rift between the Group and Brian, because they felt that the consumption of cannabis and LSD had cloudy of Brian trial and turn Brian felt that it wanted to contain. As it was Brian time began to work fewer hours. For the first time in the musical career of the group he was unsure of the direction that was taking.

Heroes and Villans

Later in August, the Group finally released the single “Heroes and Villains”. Very resemblance to the fragmented style of “Good Vibrations”, although significantly less this simple not entered in the top 10.

While The Beatles fell squarely into the psychedelic era, The Beach Boys were held with the hordes of teenagers, who soon began to see the group as a conservative and plainly. In the summer of 1967 was presented at the Monterey Pop Festival the perfect opportunity to exit this stereotype of conservative group, however squandered it to release just before of the festival the album pretty basic Wild Honey, critique, the public and the broadcasters felt very disillusioned and same thing happened in 1968 with Friends; However with the passage of time these disks were considered masterpieces, once accepted as a group other than the known in 1966 during his time surf rock entering “do it Again” Top 20, regret being regarded as a retro song, the song reached number one in Britain.

End of the 1960s

In late 1969, the latest album by The Beach Boys was 20/20, was received much better than its predecessors Wild Honey and Friends thanks to these commercial failures, Capitol Records not renewed them the contract, also by several failures in recent singles and albums, and thus a year after The Beach Boys signed to Reprise Records. Then with this rejection which took Capitol to a new contract, day 12 of April, The Beach Boys decided to sue Capitol for $ 2,000,000 claiming non-payment of production rights and ending in his seven years with the label, as well as part of the case, the band was awarded ownership of all subsequent Beach Boys Party albums. But due to the recent commercial failures, and low reputation that the band had earned, no other company seems interested at the moment. The Capitol with The Beach Boys, agreement officially expired on 30 June.

During a European tour, Carl Wilson discovers a group South African who likes The Flame in a London club (in that group are those who would later members of the band Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar).

With the increase of emotional problems and the flower cocaine, Brian Wilson, hobby began to retire from the band recording sessions. They have speculated that he left the band completely at this time, and that returned in “Break Away” for you time of recording of Sunflower, leaving others take more creative responsibility.

After the absence of the Wilson eldest brother, two younger brothers Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson began to take the helm both inside and outside the Studio control room. Carl produced a version with Phil Spector “I Can Hear Music”, giving The Beach Boys for his last American Top 40 during the next seven years. Dennis progressed their contributions in “Friends”, to record the songs “be with me” and “All I Want to do”, sung by Mike Love. Without a doubt, the most controversial moment on 20/20 is Dennis “Never Learn Not to Love”, a song which had been composed by Charles Manson, but he did not appear in the credits, which brought threats of Manson Dennis.

The sale of songs

In November 1969, Murry Wilson, father sold the copyright songs the band Irving Almo for approximately $700,000. Many years later in April 1992, right after Brian Wilson had won a trial, and regained many of his songs, Mike Love copyright filed a lawsuit against Brian Wilson claiming he had not given credit, and therefore had not received copyright in some thirty of the band’s songs.

Some of these songs are known “Dance Dance Dance”, “I Get Around”, “Kiss Me Baby”, “She Knows Me Too Well”, “When I Grow Up (To Be a man)” and “ain’t wouldn’t It Be Nice”. The original credit only gave it to Brian Wilson, but Mike insisted that he had a hand in writing the lyrics. In an interview with GoldMine, published on 18 September 1992, Mike Love won the lawsuit, therefore ensuring future rights copyright on all the songs that he had claimed that he had given a hand Brian in writing.

The 1970s

During the 1970s appeared album Sunflower, where each Member revealed his own talent, which during the 1960s had been in the shadow; in this decade Carl Wilson became a strong and distinctive producer, Mike Love, took the place of Brian Wilson as the leader of the band and remained as the visual focus to be the representative of the group in live performances. Dennis turn developed his own talent as a music writer, and shows remained the most charismatic group. The debut album for Brother/Reprise was Sunflower in 1970, an album which sparked critical acclaim, had many songs by different Member group, showing individual members talent and cohesion of the group.

The next album Surf’s Up, the song with the same name Surf’s Up, was recycled project SMiLE for this album and was released naming the next album released in 1971, the ample material for Surf’s Up, was little commercial like Pet Sounds, and more, Brian Wilson considers it one of the best albums of The Beach Boys, and Leonard Bernstein immortalized Surf’s Up in a special television.

During the sessions for the album, Dennis Wilson hand cut and could not play the drums. At the beginning of 1972 recruited drummer Ricky Fataar, decimalize that hurt Dennis, who injured his hand to break a glass door, this fact so incapacitated by a good season and African American guitarist Blondie Chaplin, showing in this way, which did not consciously, were not a conservative, Republican group of only white; sufists guys new members were members of a group of South African called The Flame which Carl produced his album rock Brothers Records debut last year. Carl and the Passions – “So Tough” was the first album that was released with Fataar and Chaplin as members of the group. For the first time an album by the band sounded totally different from their classic sound, Brian emotional stability was declining increasingly and locked herself in her Bel Air mansion without contact with the outside world. Still contributed sporadically writing songs, but was no longer an active member of the group or appeared on the album covers.

The problems of the band

What no one knew was that, in addition to his drug addiction, Brian Wilson was bipolar, disease that only diagnosed years later, but that made him suffer depressions that ranged from attacks of panic, agoraphobia, and States of euphoria. Although it is not clear what was what prompted the group to undertake such risk, the record company authorized a huge budget for the creation of the next album (addition of a new recording Studio) in Amsterdam, and The Beach Boys were returning to emerge in 1972 with Holland, the LP with difficulty reached the Top 40, and the song “Sail on, Sailor” originally sung by Dennis was finally sung by Chaplin, and was occasionally played on radio stations, Holland not contributed anything to improve the group that was declining.

Mid-1970s is by 1975 or 1976 The Beach Boys stopped recording, and more focused on their live performances, this was a smart move, and released The Beach Boys in Concert in 1973. Brian was not very involved in this period, that left the group under tremendous pressure, but the group effort paid fruit, because their concerts were very successful and famous concerts from July 4 (day of independence United States) were very popular.

In 1974 Capitol Records “out of the trunk” several songs and released a new album hits, Endless Summer group as Capitol did not give credit to the LP reached number one, remained almost 3 years on the charts and became a gold album. Endless Summer capitalised with growing fascination with retro music audience. Including the Rolling Stone magazine that never had been friendly with The Beach Boys named them at the end of the year “group of the year”. That same year was another collection, this time, Spirit of America which reached the top 10. It was the fuel that the Group was needed and so began to record new things.

Announcing the “almost” certain “Brian’s Back” truth as campaign in 1976 15 Big Ones got perfect between a pair of retro songs over the years balance 1950 with the modern and different where the three brothers, Brian Wilson, Dennis and Carl manage to merge their voices in a very interesting way, this song was based on the sounds of jazz dixie, became a pleasant surprise.

Again the album entered the Top 10, and won disco gold sales, well that nor Dennis and Carl wanted this album to come out, because not it felt musically harmonious. Then the following year, and despite received criticism in advance, Brian Wilson was involved more in which would be the next album Love You (that almost was called Brian Loves You and released as the album Solo). On this album, in contrast to the fatalistic early 1970s song “Till I Die”; and others like that, Brian sounded cheerful pop songs like “Let Us Go on This Way”.

After the 1979 album M.I.U. Album launch group signed a comprehensive contract with CBS where stipulated Brian Wilson’s presence in all the albums. However, the short return ended with two fruitless efforts L.A. (Light Album) and Walmart ‘ the Summer Alive The Beach Boys entered the years 1980 with more disagreements between members, having financial trouble due to the financial mismanagement of Stan and Steve Love, Mike Love, the Wilson brothers brothers began to suffer against Mike and his brothers.

The 1980s

In 1980, both Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson had left The Beach Boys to pursue solo careers. Dennis had already released their first album, Pacific Ocean Blue in 1977 and Carl almost anonymous debut in 1981.

July 4 with all members last concert was in 1983, the same year, on December 28, the group experienced a strong loss to lose heart group, Dennis Wilson. Brian left the group in 1982 after weight reached 150 kilos. The tragic death of Dennis Wilson, helped put together again to the group, though not for long.

In 1985 The Beach Boys, they released a new album entitled THE BEACH BOYS, the first album without Dennis Wilson, and returned to the Top 40 with “Getcha Back”. This however would be the last album of the group as the 1980s. In spite of the death of Dennis, the Group attempted to continue, they had been Beach Boys throughout his adult life and wanted to remain so.

The Beach Boys in the 1980s with President Ronald Reagan.

The collaboration of Stevie Wonder on the song “I Do love you”, where own Stevie Wonder played all the instruments, was much applauded, and printed you THE BEACH BOYS album ochentoso, obtaining in this way, become the new decade by the large door and proving that they had been able to adapt with outstanding all the challenges that had been imposed on them, public, critics note and time touch. In the middle of 1980s Brian showed signs of improvement both mental and physical, but the rest of the Group remained alert thereon his controversial doctor, Dr. Eugene Landy.

Landy was a psychiatrist who said achieves miracles with the impressionable Brian Wilson, the degree of taking full control over the life of Brian. Landy collaborated with Brian autobiography ain’t wouldn’t it be nice and wrote the lyrics for several songs first Brian solo album in 1988 Brian Wilson. Both critics and fans enjoyed Brian’s return to the Studio, however was the single “Kokomo” theme of the film Cocktail, which reached # 1 in the United States that same year, that album not collaborated Brian at all, and has absolute seal Mike Love.

That same year, the group fell in the Hall of Fame rock. The band was chosen for the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1988.

Later that same year, a so-called collection appeared Still Cruisin’, and The Beach Boys sued Brian, in the hope that Brian withdrew from the influence of Landy than by anything else. Mike Love later sued Brian, for several songs copyright royalty, (Brian has always supported the collaboration of Mike in almost all songs, in which Mike demanded that had helped Brian).

The 1990

Despite many problems and suits The Beach Boys continued doing tours during the 1990, and Mike Love and Brian Wilson returned to compose together in the old days, released an album a little bit outside of time Summer in Paradise in 1992. The last album of the Decade and the last that launched the band Stars and Stripes Vol 1, is a collection of hits The Beach Boys played by different singers gender country with the harmonies of The Beach Boys as background.

He also appeared at that time a documentary entitled “I just wasn’t made for these times” Brian aired on the Disney chain with music including songs interpreted by the same Brian. Just when it seemed that they were The Beach Boys ready to release a new album in the recording studio, Carl Wilson dies of lung cancer after years of smoking too much on February 6, 1998. Loss of Dennis and Carl, it became clear that The Beach Boys never again would be what they were. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston continued touring as The Beach Boys, while Brian Wilson and Al Jardine (both still legally members Beach Boys) separated in races of soloist, this is valid until today in day (2010 decade).

The Beach Boys in the 2000s

The Beach Boys in 2006.

The Beach Boys in 2008 with David Marks.

In 2001 The Beach Boys received the Grammy Award. Brian Wilson was inducted in the Roll and rock of the United Kingdom, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006 noviebre.

In 2004 the magazine Rolling Stone, n. º 12 in the list of 100 great artists of all time register to The Beach Boys in the post.

In 2005, Brian Wilson released his album solo Smile, in November of the year Mike Love sued Wilson by “use blatantly stolen Mike Love, image and trademark of Beach Boys songs as well as the Smile album yes same”.

In a communiqué, Love stated that its demand not approached Wilson: “once again, people around Brian, my cousin and contributor to many successes, who I love, have used you for their own economic benefit regardless of their rights, or my rights”, furthermore added: “Unfortunately, the story is repeated.” Due to mental problems Brian, he has always been vulnerable to manipulation. “I simply want leave offenders and stop deception”.

On 13 June 2006, the surviving Beach Boys (Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks) met for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Pet Sounds album and last certified double platinum in one of his greatest hits compilation, Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys, the ceremony took place at the top of the building of Capitol Records in Hollywood. The plates were honored for their efforts to all principal members.

Mike Love continues to this day giving concerts by Bruce Johnston and sometimes with Al Jardine, (who sometimes also makes concerts by Brian), and a band that accompanies them. Al Jardine on the other hand formed a new group called The Beach Boys Family and Friends that sometimes includes the presence of Carney and Wendy, Brian daughters and, in turn, are members of the group by Cynna Phillips, daughter of The Mamas & The Popes John and Michelle Wilson Phillips.

At the end of June of the year 2010, Giro rumors on the Internet that Brian Wilson said that it would unite with Mike Love to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band on the 8 January 2011 (50 years of the launch of “Surfin'”). These rumors have not been officially confirmed, since some digital newspapers, says Love denied this fact, but others stated that this is true and Love stated it. Al Jardine told Rolling Stone that members remaining – him, Love, Brian Wilson and Bruce Johnston and possibly guitarist David Marks – will gather for a concert.

By September 2010 ran the news John Stamos will produce (along with Neil Meron and Craig Zadan), a musical film focusing on the development of The Beach Boys. Stamos told Rolling Stone magazine film is located in southern California in the late 1960s. This film is planned to celebrate 50 years of the group.

Legal battles

Many legal difficulties type developed from psychological problems Brian Wilson. In the 1980s, the band hired the controversial Eugene Landy, therapist in an attempt to help Brian. Landy achieved some significant improvements in the overall state of Wilson, its mass consumption of drugs, likely would have been that Wilson would have died if it had not intervened Landy. Dr. treatment successfully Wilson drug dependence, and in 1988 Wilson had recovered enough to record their first album Solo, Brian Wilson. But Landy became increasingly possessive its “patient Star”. Of the allegations that Landy was using his control over Wilson for his own benefit, the band asked the courts to separate Landy Wilson.

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